Highly Trained Merchandising Field Force
We provide brilliant front-end technology -Retailer app – Merchandiser app – Everything on app
Amazing back-end architecture
Audit process staff and automated
Most effective payment to outlet process

Trained Merchandisers

First Time Ever – Shared merchandising resources
Can provide exclusive resources as well
Payroll management
Staff management

Front-End Technology

Merchandising App

Photo Clicking
Image Uploads
Geo Fencing
360 Photos-First Time Ever

Retailer App

Take Orders
Track Progress
MSL & Other Parameters
Visibility & Shelf
Online Payment
Order Transfer to Salesman

Audit Process

Back-end process of photo audits
Staffing solution for back end audits – scoring, audit, review mechanisms.
Can manage national accounts from one location

Business Intelligence

Customised In-store Intelligence
Visibility Impact Assessment
Managing Retail Loyalty Programs
Shelf Optimisation through Image Recognition

Facilitating Payments

Additional Services

Element & POSM Design and Manufacturing – Posters, Welcome Kits, Banners etc.
Element & POSM Deployment and Installation – In Store and Out of Store
Inbound Outbound IVR Along With Escalation Matrix Solution
ODB and Bulk SMS Services