Cases & Testimonials

A national FMCG client – sees 30% saving in operational cost of merchandising

A national FMCG company with a turnover of ~850 crores was facing a problem that plagues the industry. The cost of managing the merchandising operation was marginally higher than the benefit that was passed on to the store as pay-outs. A natural conclusion was to reduce the number of outlet in loyalty programmes to half. Or only deploy a separate merchandising field force for top 20% of the outlets. Our solution changed the game for the company at multiple levels. A 30% cost saving was delivered when the company migrated to our people + tech solutions. In the existing set up there were 8 vendors providing the merchandising field force. There was an independent technology vendor providing the mobile application, and photo audits were once in a quarter exercise done via dipsticks surveys. Moving to a national vendor for payroll and technology, delivered immediate savings and created a more robust and long-term solution for the company.

A global FMCG Client from AMEA – reduces asset audit cost by 90% by migrating to a photo audit

A global FMCG company with presence in 60 countries, at turnover of over $8 billion globally was facing a unique challenge in their AMEA region. In the Middle East, merchandising programmes were run across stores, and had strong incentive component attached for the salesman and the merchandiser. The challenge was that they had been performing a physical audit of the stores for the last few years, where in an independent agency used to visit the stores and create a score card around it. We pitched basis an idea that outsourcing photo Audits to India, will not only considerably bring down the cost, but also that our Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine is robust enough to read and score photographs. We ran a test pilot where in our scores and the physical audits score were 90% identical. The organization made us a national player in one country, and will gradually be moving the entire photo audits to us.

A global Alcobev client – optimizes spends/outlet by 16% using insights from our analytics engine

The Alcobev industry faces unique challenges in India. ATL is not allowed, and the only advertising they can do is BTL. Hence the invest disproportionately in stores to create a robust and eye-catching presence. Where the challenge lies now? Apart from ONE STATE in India, none of the other states are on a distributor model. Which implies that one player running 15 – 100 outlets will purchase in bulk, and you will be creating in store presence in each of those outlets. The date of off take per outlet is never recorded. We demonstrated a simple solution to this problem. We suggested a 3 part solution to this problem – First create an independent merchandising field force enabled with technology to not only visit outlets, but also capture HD photographs. Second – use our AI engine to read and score photographs. THIRD – use our analytics engine to find a correlation between SHARE OF SHELF and IN STORE ASSETS. Our solution helped them optimize their trade spends, by focussing their resources on the outlets given them the maximum visibility and share of shelf.

A national FMCG client – becomes first in the industry to be GST ready for Visibility Payments

A national FMCG client, like all others was facing the challenge of passing on “visibility” payments to retailers. Love in Store is the first in the industry to offer a unique solution to this problem. The FMCG company tested the love in store application (currently in process of National Roll Out to 18000 top stores), that gave them the entire end to end solution. The company informs Love in Store of the payout details of their stores. The app generates a GST invoice (Visibility + 18% Service GST) from the store to Love in Store. Retailer signs the invoice on the app, and sends it to us. We prompt the retailer using our in-house SMS and OBD service, to upload the invoice on the GSTN portal. Once uploaded, we pass the payment to the retailer, and raise a weekly bill to the organization. It is the only way an organization can continue to run their visibility programme, and also be compliant to GST laws.

“It has been a pleasure working with the Love in Store team. The TrackSmartplatform has been designed to help us automate the merchandising part of the Instore Visibility and provide us with real time market feedback. Their artificial intelligence technology will also help us in reducing cost of doing the audit thereby giving us the scale and automation. Look forward to working with the Love i n Store team again.”

Reckitt Benckiser