About Us

Who are we?

Love In Store is a YOMA Group company that has more than 5 years of experience in 3rd party payroll management and currently heads more than 9000 people across 614 locations in India. Our strategic partnership assures of a strong national presence, with low turnaround times, and in-house training capabilities. Our strength is our in-house technical development team, that works closely with our clients to truly create a solution that is relevant, user friendly, and most importantly customized.

With personalized and high-quality services, we’ve created benchmarks in the areas of staffing, service-automation, order management and visual merchandizing. We specialize in connecting highly qualified individuals with employers across industries and locations. Screening and shortlisting needs are customized as per client’s preference. Background checks, drug screens, experience requirements and certifications to name a few.

What we do?

We understand the challenges of distributor and consumer management system and know how technology can play a transformer in making organizations more efficient, effective, agile and successful at what they do. We facilitate manufacturers, distributors, retailers and salespeople working in the FMCG sector with state-of-the-art technology that exponentially elevates their personal and business performance. Many organizations like Grohe, ITC, Redhat, Colgate, PepsiCo, and Kraft Heinz have turned to us for their staffing, technology and service automation needs. Over a period, we’ve rose from a small team of ___ people to a squad of __ champions and experts of varied fields.

With the advent of technology, the evolution of in store presence started. It evolved to a stage where organizations were running massive merchandising set ups, and yet were un happy about their current state. Our service automation tool works as a supporting system for the service staff and managers to achieve their work-related objectives. Infrastructure, Data, Devices, and Software are the key components of service automation.

Challenges faced by FMCG industries

A typical FMCG organization, earmarks 15% of their annual turn-over for trade marketing, where a major chunk is spent on their key outlets. Yet, each of them agrees of facing the below issues:

Poor Communication– Kirana and departmental stores located across the streets are often unaware of the latest schemes and loyalty programmes run by various FMCG companies, that eventually leads to dissatisfaction, low remuneration and lesser store performance.

Lack of trained personnel– Most of the kirana stores have untrained professionals to manage their merchandising operation. This often leads to poor visibility of products, lesser brand recognition and lowering sales.

Delayed and denied payments– In a normal payment channel, consumer goods manufacturing companies transfer payments to the distributors which further give payments to the store owners. Due to lack to transparency these payments often get delayed or denied, hampering their businesses in a long run.

How we can help?

Love in Store is a one stop, single entity solution, that manages your entire supply chain management. Here’s how we can help-

Effective communication– Our process automation tool– Proanto facilitates clear communication between store owners, distributors and manufacturers eliminating delays in getting the updates of schemes and loyalty programme offered by manufacturers.

Trained Merchandizers– We hire, train and manage your field force, we equip them with best in class smart phones, enabled with our Proanto – our high-performing and leading field force management application for real-time tracking and complete visibility.

Store optimization– We ensure your assets and in store presence is up to your standard, by not only managing the execution, but long-term record management using our backend for audits and scoring photographs. Our analytics engine will create actionables that are going to help you optimize your trade spends and order management.

Transparency– A first of its kind – Retailer Application – LOVE IN STORE – creates a close and transparent relationship with the retailer empowering complete distributor and consumer management. Cherry on the cake is our GST ready solution that fastens payment transactions directly in to the bank accounts of distributors and retailers providing higher degrees of transparency.