About Us

Love in Store is a unique People+Tech company, created by industry veterans who understand the challenges of trade, and know how technology can be a great enabler.

For the first-time a brand has combined the 5 elements that would go into creating a future ready In Store Presence. For any brand one of the most important tasks, is to succeed at the Moment of Truth, the moment when a consumer comes across the brand in a retail environment. It should be enticing enough for the consumer to pick up. As the industry has evolved over the last decade, several companies have started implementing solutions to make their presence felt in store. Step 1 was separating the merchandiser from the salesman, Step 2 was getting photo graphs of the instore visibilities.

With the advent of technology, the evolution of in store presence started. It evolved to a stage where organizations were running massive merchandising set ups, and yet were un happy about their current state.

A typical FMCG organization, earmarks 15% of their annual turn-over for trade marketing, where a major chunk is spent on their key outlets. Yet, each of them agree to facing the below issues

Poor communication with store – Stores are often unaware of the details of their loyalty programme

Untrained field force managing the merchandising operation

Smart phones being used to only click photographs for record – No further action

Payments being delayed and denied

No Clear actionables are being derived from these spends

It is these problems, that led us create Love in Store to be a one stop, single entity solution, that manages your entire end to end loyalty programme.

We hire, train and manage your field force, we equip them with best in class smart phones, enabled with our Proanto – our industry leading field force management application

We ensure your assets and in store presence is up to your standard, by not only managing the execution, but also using our back end to audit and score the photographs

Our analytics engine will create actionables that are going to help you optimize your trade spends

A first of its kind – Retailer Application – LOVE IN STORE – that will create a close and transparent relationship with the retailer

And, a first of its kind GST ready solution to pass visibility payments to the retailer directly in to their bank accounts

With spends to the tune of 15% of turn over, every organization vouches for the fact that they need bang for their buck. A one stop solution that stitches everything together is what the industry was demanding, and we are the first ones to deliver it.

To create such a solution, we need to be great at 2 things – Technology and People. We are a part of the Yoma Group, that has experience of over 5 years in 3rd party payroll management and currently staffs 9000 people across 614 locations. They have a strong national presence, with low turnaround times, and in-house training capabilities. Unlike many other organizations working in retail, we have our own in-house technology development team, that works closely with our clients to truly create a solution that is relevant, user friendly, and most importantly customized.